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Downtown Bellevue On The Move
Wheel Options 2.0 
Wheel Options, the statewide promotion sponsored by the Washington State Ridesharing Organization encouraging you to get to work by ways other than driving alone, has received a makeover and is now better than ever! Instead of taking place in both the spring and fall, Wheel Options will  take place once a year in October. And instead of only having two weeks to log two trips, you now have the whole month to log six trips!


Introducing Zipvan, Zipcar's Newest Addition to Downtown Bellevue
Ever had to borrow a friendís truck to move anything? Now, you can easily grab a cargo van you can borrow by the hour, any hour of the dayÖ and even reserve it from your smart phone. Thatís ZipVan, which rolled into Downtown Bellevue in August bringing the vehicle count to 11. Zipcar members can now enjoy access to yet another vehicle type, further supporting a car-lite lifestyle.


Construction Corner: I-405 NE 6th to I-5 Widening and Express Toll Lanes
Wondering why the lanes north of Bellevue on I-405 have shifted and become more narrow? It's all part of the Widening and Express Toll Lanes project. 


Commuter Spotlight: Alison P.
Alison has been commuting to downtown Bellevue from Marysville by bus since March. Learn what she likes and dislikes about her commute. 


Downtown Bellevue On The Move Movers and Shakers

Stats compiled from Downtown Bellevue On The Move participants during the month of September.
   Money saved:    $36,445   
  Gasoline saved:    5,529 gals.   
  Carbon dioxide saved:    102,347 lbs.   
   Trips not driven alone:    14,540   
  Miles not driven alone:    199,995   

And thanks to the 167 new members for September!

Live or work in Downtown Bellevue? Click here for more information or to join.
Wheel Options 2.0 

Are you ready to get away from it all? Start your relaxation by trying an alternative to driving alone for your commute.  It could end with you sipping your favorite drink on a beach in Basque! The grand prize includes airfare, lodging and ground transportation. Featured by Washington resident and travel expert Rick Steves, Basque is a region filled with spectacular scenery and rich culture. There will also be weekend getaway drawings and weekly $100 gift card drawings this year!

To participate in Wheel Options all you need to do is walk, bicycle, share a ride or ride the bus or train to work six or more days in October.  You can also participate by compressing your work week or working from home. 

Enter online at starting Oct. 1.  

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Introducing Zipvan, Zipcar's Newest Addition to Downtown Bellevue
This past August, Zipcar introduced Zipvan to downtown Bellevue, bringing the vehicle count to 11. The Zipvanís rate is $15.75 per hour or $109 per day Monday through Thursday, and $16.50 per hour or $119 per day Friday through Sunday. Rates include gas, insurance, and 180 miles per day.

Downtown Bellevue Zipcar vehicle locations:

Griffin Parking Lot
NE 8th Street and 110th Avenue NE Ė 6 cars, 1 van

Skyline Tower Parking Garage
10900 NE 4th Street Ė 2 cars

989 Elements Parking Garage
989 111th Avenue NE Ė 2 cars

If you are interested in learning more about Zipcar options in Bellevue click here

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Commuter Spotlight: Alison P.

1) How do you typically commute to work?

I drive from Marysville to Everett and catch the bus from the Everett Station to the Bellevue Transit Center.

2) How long have you been commuting this way?

Since I began working in Bellevue last March 

3) What does your commute entail?

 Hopping on the bus with my ipod and a cup of coffee in hand

4) Why did you start commuting this way?

Itís a habit I guess. When I was interning in downtown Seattle before working in Bellevue, I would ride the bus from Marysville to Seattle. This allowed me to save some cash on gas and having to park all day. Also, I worked another job before I went to my internship, so the long bus ride let me relax and recharge (and I didnít have my own car at the time). When I got my current job in Bellevue, I didnít even think about driving, my first thought was which bus do I need to take.

5) Why do you continue to commute this way?

Less wear and tear and mileage on the car and not having to fill the gas tank up so often. Itís more convenient and cost effective, and Iím not a big fan of driving during rush hour. I like being able to do other things like reading and listening to music while riding too.

6) What is your favorite thing about your commute?

A couple things: sailing through the carpool lane on 405. Being able to sleep or read, or listen to my ipod, other things besides having to sit and pay attention to traffic. (If I had to sit in traffic everyday, I would probably be pretty cranky by the time I got to work.) 

7) Do you have an interesting story you would like to share about your commute? A funny experience maybe?

Nothing too specific, but occasionally I wake up with my mouth wide open, leaning a little too close to my neighbor and hoping I wasnít snoring. Haha.

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Construction Corner: I-405 - NE 6th to I-5 Widening and Express Toll Lanes
This past June construction on the I-405 - NE 6th to I-5 Widening and Express Toll Lanes project began. The project is slated to be completed by 2015. This project will add additional traffic capacity between Kirkland and Bothell which will be help reduce congestion during the heavy afternoon and morning commute times.

When completed, there will be a continuous northbound and southbound lane between NE 6th St in Bellevue and SR 522 in Bothell. This new lane, when combined with the existing carpool lane will operate as a dual express toll lane system. In addition, the existing carpool lane from SR 522 to I-5 will be converted to a single express toll lane or high- occupancy vehicle (HOT) lane.

For additional information click here

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