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ST Closure
From Sound Transit: Rainier Freeway Station closure and I-90 bus changes
As part of East Link light rail construction, the Rainier Freeway station at I-90 will close on Sept. 22. It will reopen as Judkins Park Link Station in 2023. Route 550 will bypass the area, but Route 554 will exit I-90 at Rainier Avenue South and access downtown Seattle via South Dearborn Street, including new stops at Rainier Avenue South and South Charles Street.

Going eastbound, Route 554's last stop in downtown Seattle will move to Second Avenue Extension South and Yesler Way from Fifth Avenue South and South Jackson Street. The nine King County Metro routes that serve I-90 will also change, and you can
view those changes here. Frequency will decrease slightly and trip times will be adjusted to maintain on-time performance. Plan ahead and learn more about these changes at Sound Transit’s online open house.

Watch for a future post on the Choose Your Way Bellevue
blog about alternatives for getting where you are going once this stop is closed! You can also keep up to date on the latest changes by joining Sound Transit’s Service Planning, Route 550, or Route 554 email lists.
King County Metro Offers Departure Updates by Text:
Find the next departure times of transit service at your stop by texting your stop ID to 62550, and you will receive a return message with the next departure times at that stop.

How it works:
  • TEXT your stop ID to 62550 to get the next departure times for transit service at that stop (one reply per request/message and data rates may apply).
  • Include a specific route number after the stop ID to see departure times for just that route.
When you send your message, you will receive a response message that will show the times for the next routes departing at that stop.

Predicted departure times can change as vehicles get closer to stops. Metro recommends that riders still arrive at stops about 5 minutes before the predicted departure time, and check next departures more than once to make sure the vehicle isn't running faster or slower than last reported.
Love Your Commute! 2018 Wheel Options!
Wheel Options encourages employees to reduce their drive-alone trips and explore new ways of getting to work – and this October, we encourage you to LOVE YOUR COMMUTE!!!

Log-In or REGISTER today to explore all your commute options and possibly find a better way to get to work – one that you will fall in LOVE with! With a newly found commute you’ll be all set to participate in and track your saved/shared commutes during the Wheel Options campaign – track six or more Wheel Options commutes in October and you are automatically entered to win some great rewards! The Wheel Options promotion is hosted by the non-profit Washington State Ridesharing Organization (WSRO).
Learn more about the program and some fantastic rewards at the 
Wheel Options website!
Start a Better Commute and Get Rewarded!
You’re just one bus ride, bike ride, vanpool trip, carpool trip or leisurely walk away from turning your trips into much-deserved me time.
It’s easy to get started, make a commitment to try a new travel mode at By changing your drive-alone trips, you’ll discover everything you’ve been missing out on while you’ve been sitting behind the wheel!
Already using alternatives as much as possible?
Share your story and refer a friend to earn up to three $25 REI gift cards! Already fulfilled your commitment and reduced your drive alone trips? Take the Follow-Up Survey and we’ll send you a thank-you gift in the mail.

Say hello to the Just One Trip team this Tuesday, September 25th at the
Crossroads Farmers Market from noon - 6! You'll have an opportunity to sign up for a $25 reward to support the mode of your choice including ORCA, bike/walk, carpool or vanpool. There will be plinko and other games, swag and a photo opp in the driver's seat of a real King County Metro bus! See you there!

Just One Trip is brought to you by King County Metro.  This offer will end March 31, 2019.
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Rainier Freeway Station closure and I-90 bus changes

King County Metro Offers Departure Updates by Text

Love Your Commute! 2018 Wheel Options!

Start a Better Commute and Get Rewarded!

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